Event Schedule

Sep 05

Day 1
Registration and Coffee
Understanding and Mastering C++ Complexity
  • Amir Kirsh

C++ Templates for Developers
  • Walter E Brown

C++17: All You Need To Know
  • Vittorio Romeo

Coffee Break

Sep 06

Day 2
Registration and Coffee
Welcome to Core C++ 2022!
  • Walter E Brown

Coffee Break
Customization Methods: Connecting User And Library Code
  • Inbal Levi

All you wanted to know and more on C++20 spaceship operator
  • Avi Lachmish

A Practical Approach to Error Handling
  • Arno Schödl

Introduction to Smart Pointers and Why
  • Mike Shah

C++20 Likely and Unlikely: A Journey Through Branch Prediction and Compiler Optimizations
  • Amir Kirsh

  • Tomer Vromen

Windows, macOS and the Web: Lessons from cross-platform development at think-cell
  • Sebastian Theophil

Considerations when Working with Shared Pointers
  • Dima Danilov

Serialization In Modern C++
  • Elazar Leibovich

From the Command Line, to Make, to CMake, to Conan, to Artifactory, to Xray
  • Nick Ristuccia

Deciphering Coroutines - A Visual Approach
  • Andreas Weis

Const Correctness: How To Be Const Correct And Amazing At It
  • A.J. Orians

Introduction to Google Test and Google Mock
  • Noam Weiss

Carbon Language: Syntax and trade-offs
  • Jon Ross-Perkins

Back to basics: lambda expressions
  • Muhammad Zahalqa

Cache friendly algorithm
  • Yossi Moalem

Coffee Break
Meetup & Lightning Talks

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Sep 07

Day 3
Registration and Coffee
What You Can Learn From Being Too Cute (Part 2 of N)
  • Daisy Hollman

Observability Tools: Quickly gather insight in the behavior of your program
  • Ivica Bogosavljevic

Personal Log: Where No Init Has Gone Before
  • Andrei Zissu

Pragmatic Simplicity: Actionable Guidelines To Tame Complexity
  • Vittorio Romeo

Coroutine Intuition
  • Roi Barkan

Atomic Variables: Not radioactive, but you probably still don't want to touch them!
  • Roy Margalit

Coffee Break
C++ Standard Parallelism
  • Bryce Adelstein Lelbach

coroutines in production code, what we've learned
  • Assaf Cohen

A novel approach for type promotion and overloading
  • Shachar Shemesh

Multi-methods in C++
  • Yehezkel Bernat

SYCL: the future is open, parallel and heterogenous
  • Guy Tamir

  • Yair Friedman

Generative C++
  • Alon Wolf

Programming for Every Language, Everywhere, All at Once
  • Shachar Langbeheim

Introduction to oneDnn - Intel’s oneAPI deep neural network Library
  • Anat Heilper

Repo Convergence: How we Migrated Our Cross-Platform Project from Multiple Repositories to a Mono Repo
  • Shachar Or

How C++23 changes the way we write code
  • Timur Doumler

Managing External API’s in Enterprise systems
  • Peter Muldoon

From Templates to Concepts
  • Alex Dathskovsky

Coffee Break
Closing Remarks
Keynote :: Rust Features that I Want in C++
  • David Sankel